I firmly believe that for you to be willing to part with your email address, I have to offer you good value and demonstrate that I have your best interests at heart.

To this end, here are 7 reasons that I believe you should subscribe to my newsletter:

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1. Useful Content

Take a look back over some of my previous posts.  You’ll find that in contrast to many other marketers, the majority of my posts are either teaching you something or showing you how to save money on things that you’d buy anyway.  Sure, I send out the occasional promotional message, but they’re very rare!  Can you say the same about other marketers whose lists you’re subscribed to?

2. Advanced Notification

By being on my list, you’ll be notified whenever I post something new so that you can get the info before everyone else turns up. And hey, if this starts to get annoying, you can always unsubscribe – there’s a link in every message that I send.

3. Spam Free Content

I hate spam!  I never share my lists with anyone else and I never sell them.  I may send the occasional marketing message but it will be clear what it is, and the majority will be pure content.

4. Free Report

When you sign up to my list, I’ll immediately send you my free report, “How to Profit from Other People’s Product Launches”.  This report is only available to my subscribers.

5. Money Making Opportunities

Whenever I launch a new product I’ll always invite you to promote it before I publicise it to a wider audience.

6. Subscriber Only Offers

I have been known to run special offers just for my subscribers.  If you’re not a subscriber, you’ll miss out.

7. My Subscribers Are Cool

This is a no brainer – if you’re cool, you NEED to be on my list! 🙂


So there you are – 7 reasons to subscribe to my Internet Marketing newsletter.  All YOU have to do, is to fill out the form below:

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