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Today, Gideon Shalwick is launching is highly acclaimed course, Rapid Video Blogging.  Last week, I wrote a review about it if you’d like more information (check out the post here).  With the shopping cart now being opened for a limited time only, it’s time for me to announce the bonus that I’m offering.

One of the cool things that I like to do when producing a video is to have a short, 10-15 second introduction which I use for all of my videos.  I’ve recently been working to find the “perfect” intro and have found the best place to find them is at VideoHive.  Here, under the category “Logos and Titles”, you can find a huge variety of short intros to suit pretty much any style.  All you need in order to personalize them is a copy of Adobe After Affects and enough experience to use it.

Having a “logo” like this is great for creating a unique look and brand for your videos and helps you to come across more professional.  Once you have one, it’s really easy to edit them into the beginning of every video that you produce in much the same way that you might add a URL at the end.

One of the services that I offer is to take one of these pre-designed offerings from VideoHive and to personalize it for clients, for which I usually charge $197 for up to 30 seconds of intro.  If you buy Rapid Video Blogging through my affiliate link, I’ll personalize one for you for free!  All you have to do is to decide which one you want, purchase it and send it through to me along with a copy of your logo, your website URL and any tag line that you want to use.  The only stipulation is that the file that you choose for personalization can’t require any additional plug-ins as I can’t guarantee to have what is needed.

Once I receive the files and have confirmed that you’ve bought through my link, I’ll turn around your new intro within 7 days so that you can start using it right away whilst you apply everything that Gideon’s teaching.  Please note that there’s no waiting for refund periods to expire or anything like that, however I do reserve the right to invoice anyone the $197 should they subsequently ask Gideon for a refund.

Remember, all you have to do is to buy Rapid Video Blogging through my affiliate link and I’ll produce your own, personalized into movie – a $197 value – within 7 days of you sending me the project.  To get started, just click the link below:

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