My Top 10 Blogs of 2009

Top 10 BlogsIt’s been almost a year since I last wrote a post about blogs that influence me.  I’ve now been prompted by the group writing project over at Daily Blog Tips to bring this up to date.  These are blogs that I read on an daily basis via my preferred RSS reader (Bloglines) and have an impact in my thoughts and often the directions that I focus my marketing on.

Please note that these blogs are in no particular order, other than the order that I’m pulling them from Bloglines:

  1. Alex Mandossian – Not only is Alex a great and prolific marketer, he also comes across as a gentleman.  As well as reading his blog, look out for the podcast that he does with Paul Colligan.
  2. ClickNewz with Lynn Terry – I first came across Lynn on the Internet Marketing This Week podcast where she co-hosts with Ed Dale, Paul Colligan and Michelle MacPhearson.  One of the great things about Lynn is that she doesn’t pull any punches.
  3. Daily Blog Tips – With Daily Blog Tips you get exactly what it says on the tin – new tips about blogging every day.  I strongly recommend that you subscribe to this site as they publish some real gems!
  4. John Taylor – Anyone who’s a regular on the Warrior Forum will recognize John Taylor as another no-nonsense blogger.  Again, he’s someone who’s not afraid to ruffle a few feathers in order to maintain his business ethics and he should be applauded for that.
  5. Frank Kern – Now Frank isn’t everyone’s cup of tea.  He’s often irreverent and doesn’t care too much for the language he uses in his video blog posts.  However, as far as he’s concerned you either accept it, or don’t visit his site.  If you can look beyond this, you’ll find some real nuggets of information that he gives away for free in order to let us all understand how great his paid stuff is! 🙂
  6. Michel Fortin – Michel is one of the best copywriters on the Internet.  If you haven’t heard of him, you’ve probably read some of his sales pages!  He publishes regularly to his blog and the content is almost always fantastic.
  7. ProBlogger – No list of influential bloggers would be complete without including Darren Rowse (aka ProBlogger).  Darren has built the empire that he has today simply by being a consistent blogger.  We can all learn from this!  He’s also the co-author of a fantastic book called “ProBlogger: Secrets for Blogging Your Way to a Six-Figure Income“.
  8. Shoemoney – Jeremy Schoemaker is another familiar name in blogging circles.  Like ProBlogger, he’s a proponent of making a living from blogging although he also has some amazing products to make you a more successful blogger.
  9. Michelle MacPhearson – Another co-host of the Internet Marketing This Week podcast.  Michelle is great at reminding us of the fundamentals of Internet Marketing.  She’s currently running a series called the “31 Day Internet Marketing Makeover” which is helping her readers take stock of everything that they have and to organize and streamline everything with the aim of spring-boarding into 2010 with some real momentum.
  10. Seth Godin – Seth’s posts are interesting as it’s not always obvious what he’s getting at.  Sometimes he’ll post real clear guidelines and others, he’ll post something quirky or controversial to get you thinking.  Bear in mind that with what he’s achieved, he’s more than entitled to be quirky! 😉

So that’s my top 10, but I wanted to also share a couple of Web Design blogs that I’ve started following, as I’m getting some great stuff from them.  Consider it a bonus…! 😉

  • Web Design Ledger – This site has some great inspiration and ideas for web design.
  • Webdesigner Depot – Another inspirational site.  This also features one of my favorite regular posts – the Tweets of the Week!

I hope that some of these sites are new to you and that you find them useful.  I’d love to learn about the sites that YOU turn to for inspiration – please leave a comment so that we can all benefit from the knowledge of everyone else.

In the meantime, remember to head over to Daily Blog Tips to review the other sites taking part in the Group Writing Project.

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John is a Senior Solutions Engineer for a U.S. IT company, specialising in Software Defined IT Infrastructure. He has an extensive background in IT and spends way too much time sitting at his PC's, making videos for himself and other Internet marketers and dreaming of spending more time boating. He's also passionate about Jesus.


  • Young

    14th December, 2009

    They are quite a lot of great blogger in the internet, but it is no doubt that the 10 bloggers you recommended are also my top ones.

  • Sara

    15th December, 2009

    Today is full of introductions – First, I met you through Daily Blog Tips and then, I met a few others whom I’ve never read either.

    Thanks for the list and the great resource.

  • Sheila Atwood

    15th December, 2009

    I have just started reading Lyn Terry’s blog she is great!

    I am off to check out some of the blogs I haven’t heard of before. Thanks.


  • Reseller Hosting

    3rd January, 2010

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