Review – “The SEO Mindset” by Brad Callen

I’ve been interested for some time in the work produced by Brad Callen.  Brad is a genius in SEO – Search Engine Optimization – and has proved this time and time again with not only his own success, but also through his mentoring of others.

With this in mind, I was thrilled to learn that Brad had condensed his wealth of knowledge into a new e-book – “The SEO Mindset“.   I recently purchased this product and wanted to share with you some of the amazing things that are covered in the book:

  • The SEO Mindset – What SEO is, and what it isn’t and what it takes to think like an SEO pro.
  • Understanding Search Engines – This is fundamental – and it’s also the place that many e-books stop!
  • Search Engine Ranking Factors – This is also fundamental, and the e-books that continue on from the previous point typically finish on this!
  • Your SEO Master Plan – This teaches you Brad’s optimum strategy for planning the long term success of your sites
  • Setting Goals – I know, I know – I’ve also become very jaded to chapters like this, but Brad approaches this in such a fresh and interesting manner that it becomes crystal clear why this is key to your website’s success.
  • Keyword Research – This should be a basic skill for all Internet marketers, but I’m willing to bet that few of us approach this topic as effectively as Brad!
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Keywords and Site Content
  • On-Page SEO
  • Site Architecture
  • Link Building Basics
  • Site Launch Links
  • Link Sources
  • etc…..

As you can see, the list of topics just goes on and on!

In my own mind, I have no doubt that this e-book will revolutionize how I approach my web businesses from now on!  I can’t recommend this product highly enough, but don’t take my word for it.  Go to Brad’s site at and listen to the amazing testimonials that he’s already collected, then make up your own mind.

You won’t be disappointed! 🙂

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John is a Senior Solutions Engineer for a U.S. IT company, specialising in Software Defined IT Infrastructure. He has an extensive background in IT and spends way too much time sitting at his PC's, making videos for himself and other Internet marketers and dreaming of spending more time boating. He's also passionate about Jesus.


  • wilhb81

    21st January, 2008

    Hello, John. Thanks for the link, just keep in touch, OK?:)

  • Busby SEO Test

    18th November, 2008

    I like Brad Callen. He is one of my favorite SEO guru. He taught me a lot about SEO.