Semiologic Watch

Way-hay!  Semiologic’s site is back up again, but STILL without any explanation of why it went down!

I find these regular outages something of a concern when they’re accompanied by no explanation from the provider.  Did the Semiologic software crash the site?  Was it down for maintenance?  Has the author not paid his hosting fees???  Whatever the reason, you have to think carefully about whether you would spend $295 for Semiologic Pro when you can’t be sure how thorough the support will be!

Having said that, in my opinion, it’s a “must have” add-on for any WordPress site!

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John is a Senior Solutions Engineer for a U.S. IT company, specialising in Software Defined IT Infrastructure. He has an extensive background in IT and spends way too much time sitting at his PC's, making videos for himself and other Internet marketers and dreaming of spending more time boating. He's also passionate about Jesus.