WordPress 2.5 Upgrade – Success!

Wow – that was SO EASY!

You know what it’s like with ANY upgrade – I was understandably nervous.  The reality was that it took me longer to back everything up before I started than it did to actually run the upgrade!

If anyone hit the maintenance page that’s been up for about 10 minutes – I apologise and I hope that you made it back in order to see the new site in all it’s glory! 🙂

In fact, the site looks just the same as it did before the upgrade on the front page (so the Semiologic theme IS in fact compatible with 2.5) it’s just the admin interface that’s changed drastically – and for the better, it seems!

As I get more familiar with the changes, I may well post some more info.  For now – now that I know that the “posting” function still works 😉 – I can deactivate the maintenance page and get the site back up.

Has anyone else had similar experiences with WordPress 2.5, or was it more challenging for you?

Please leave your comments below….

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