Outsource Force & Dolly The Sheep

I made a fun little video for you: Enjoy! 🙂

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Main Street Marketing Machines Bonus – Video


With the launch being imminent, I thought I’d put together a video for you showing my Main Street Marketing Machines Bonus package (which includes a Kodak Zi8), as well as giving you more of an insight about why I’m so excited about the possibilities that this system presents.  Once you’ve watched it, you can watch…

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None of this junk is working for you?

I hear that complaint a lot from newbies AND so-called veterans who still can’t make money online. They get bitter because they think it’s all about selling junky products to total strangers and they think the only people who can “make it” are creeps and cons. Here’s the proof that they’re full of it! This…

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Is there GOLD buried under Main Street in YOUR town?

Before you read this, I have to warn you that it will make some sensitive people upset.  Its no wonder, though. The news is blaring about the economy and how terrible things are for business.  It’s got lots of entrepreneurs running scared. And that’s not just for us Internet marketers – it goes DOUBLE for…

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Video Made Simple

If you’ve been interested in Internet Marketing for any length of time you’ll probably be aware already of how powerful video can be.  However, many of us avoid it due to the costs and complexities of getting setup with good quality camera equipment, lighting, editing software and so on.  Apart from all this, many people…

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