How to Connect Your Hosting to Your Domain

Once you’ve purchased your domain names and your hosting, you need to connect them together. In this video, in the Internet Marketing Basics series, I show you how to connect your Hostgator web hosting to your domains from Namecheap.

[spoiler]In previous videos, we looked at what web hosting is and how to get yourself a web host.  We also looked at how to choose a domain and where to buy one.  In this video, we’re going to put the pieces together and connect our new domain to the host.

If you’ve tried to look at your new domain already, you’ve probably seen something like this, but don’t worry – we’re going to fix that right now!
To start with, you’ll need your Namecheap login details, plus the confirmation email that you should have received from Hostgator with the details of your new host.  Specifically, we’re looking for the URL’s of the nameservers.  Once we have this information, all we need to do is to login to our Namecheap account, then click the “Manage domains” link toward the top of the screen.  If this is the first domain that you’ve bought, you’ll only see the one.  Click on this domain.

Once you’re through to the next screen, you’ll see this link on the left – “Transfer DNS to Webhost”.  Click this link.
It’s now simply a matter of cutting and pasting the two nameservers into the first two boxes on this page, and clicking “Save Changes”.  Depending on your ISP, the changes may not be visible instantly.  You’ll know when everything’s in place as when you enter your domain into your web browser, you’ll now see a default site, something like this.
You might also want to look at your control panel, which you get to simply by adding /cpanel on the end of your URL, like this.  You’ll find your user ID in the email along with the name servers, and hopefully, you still remember the password you chose!

Don’t worry if this seems to be getting a little technical – I’ll cover some of the key things that you’ll need to know in the rest of this course.
I’m John Landells from Internet Marketing with John at and I look forward to sharing more from the Internet Marketing Basics series in the next video.[/spoiler]

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