Demystifying the Internet Marketing Mindset

Internet Marketing MindsetHave you noticed how many launches seem to be taking place at the moment?  Have you taken a look at any of the products???  For the most part, these products are nothing more than re-cycled PLR products that are being pushed out with little or no thought about how the information will be received and implemented by the end user!  Sure, there are some notable exceptions out there at the moment, but in general, I’m getting very frustrated with the plethora of shoddy Internet Marketing information that’s flooding the market.

I have absolutely nothing against PLR material when it’s used well.  If someone takes the time to package it up properly and gives some thought to how it will be received by and how it will BENEFIT the customer, then it can be a great way to produce new products.  The challenge comes when we take a poor quality PLR product and simply offer it for sale with a new title.

We’re also seeing new, unique products being produced which are of equally questionable quality aimed squarely at new Internet Marketers who are looking to relieve the financial pressures that everyone’s feeling by making a little extra online.  When these people buy inferior products, they typically end up frustrated and give up on their dreams and it really saddens me whenever I hear of this happening.

The flip side of this is that we’re seeing a growing movement of successful IM’ers who are openly decrying the slipping standards in our industry.  These marketers are slowly producing more and more products which really do work and add true value to anyone who’s new to this profession.  Even working with PLR, it’s easy to create a product that delivers this same value to people – we simply need to be in the right frame of mind when we work on our businesses.

This mindset isn’t something that’s taught in most IM courses which is why I decided to write this post.

I call it the “Internet Marketing Mindset” and it’s all about having the intention to genuinely reach our clients in a way that THEY benefit from the relationship.  If we take this a step further and look to build ALL our relationships this way, we will ultimately reap the rewards. 

Take our JV partners, for example.  if we look to give them as little as possible, why would they support us?  My view is always “how can I give as much of each sale as possible to my affiliates?” as this builds a strong, long-term relationship.  I also consider that they’re the ones making the effort to generate traffic and new clients for me, so why WOULDN’T I reward them as generously as possible?  Once I have a new customer, as long as I look after them and continually over-deliver, the lifetime value to me will far outweigh the commission that I gave away on the front end!

I would encourage everyone in the Internet Marketing industry to start thinking about delivering true value to their customers and building solid relationships on which they can grow a profitable business for many years to come.

Let me know your opinion on this in the comments below.


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About The Author


John is a Senior Solutions Engineer for a U.S. IT company, specialising in Software Defined IT Infrastructure. He has an extensive background in IT and spends way too much time sitting at his PC's, making videos for himself and other Internet marketers and dreaming of spending more time boating. He's also passionate about Jesus.


  • Jay

    21st October, 2011

    People use PLR and pawn it off as their own because they are lazy and cannot come up with their own ideas.

    I too have no problem with PLR when it is used correctly but when you are charging people $40 dollars for a rehashed ebook it is a different story altogether.

    Good post!

  • Roslyn Heywood

    22nd October, 2011

    This is speaking of a rare commodity-integrity. If you are a passer by, do take time to think about what John Landells is saying. Business needs integrity to day and he is passionate about supplying it. No integrity-no product as far as this man is concerned. I am impressed.

  • Anonymous

    22nd October, 2011

    It’s true- there are a lot of ridiculous Internet marketing articles and websites out there, run by people who have no idea what they are talking about. The Warrior Forum is one of the worst for that. I also see a lot of shoddy PLR out there, often written by people who speak English as a second or third language. That’s what prompted me to start my own PLR site. There’s no reason why it can’t be well written by a professional. Any decent marketer knows that content is king and junk content is a waste of time.

  • John

    22nd October, 2011

    Many thanks for your kind words, Roslyn! I would agree with you that integrity is the most important factor in business today.

    God bless,

  • John

    22nd October, 2011

    Thanks, Jay!

  • Bakare Oluwabamise

    24th October, 2011

    Yes tis true, many are eager to make money today forgetting about tomorrow, the money will finish but the business you build which impacts on people’s knowledge will last for a long time to come. Thanks John for pointing towards Integrity in a world that is fast fading out.

  • Peter

    25th October, 2011

    Yes, it’s true, having a genuine desire to serve other people and provide REAL quality instead of pursuing get-rich-quick schemes and regurgitating old content IS the cornerstone of the Internet Marketing mindset.

    However, I believe there’s much more to this “umbrella term” that needs to be explored, and I think a series of articles on this topic could further demystify the concept.

    In any case, congratulations on making a point and not encouraging beginner (and more advanced) internet marketers to go down the wrong road!

  • John

    26th October, 2011

    Thanks for your comment, Peter. There will definitely be more posts on this in the future! 🙂

    Kind regards,

  • John

    26th October, 2011

    Thanks for your comment, Bakare. It’s refreshing to hear from people who still believe in building their business on strong principles!

    God bless,