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Submit Your ArticleI’ve been using Submit Your Article now for about 3 months and have been very impressed with their service.  They are a service that allows you to upload an article and have many different versions of that article sent to a huge raft of article directories.

I’ve used article spinners in the past as well as article submitters, but I’ve never found anything that works this well at doing both the spinning and the submission.

If you’re not familiar with the concept of article spinning, it’s essentially a means by which the original content is re-written prior to submission so that each directory has a slightly different version of the article so that the search engines don’t see it as duplicate content.  This works by providing alternatives to a variety of sentences or phrases throughout the article so that when they’re mixed and matched, no two versions are the same.

By the way, please don’t use the comments for this post to start challenging my views on duplicate content!  My view is that we can’t really be sure.  I know that some people feel very strongly that duplicate content isn’t an issue, just as some feel equally as strongly that it is.  In my view, if there’s a chance that it is, then I’ll take steps to avoid it where practical.

In the past I’ve worked with 2 main types of article spinners – automatic ones and manual ones.  The automatic spinners were a disaster in my opinion.  They worked at getting different versions of the content out there, but the resulting articles were often hard to read.  The manual ones produced good results, but they usually had to be created by embedding all the many versions of a sentence in the content, making proof-reading really difficult.

Submit Your Article gets around this by allowing us to upload the article first, then breaking it down behind the scenes and presenting us with sentences to re-write.  This means that the original article is always perfectly readable yet we retain the benefit of manually writing the alternatives.  Following their guidelines, I typically end up with an average difference between a sample of spun articles of 40-50%, which is pretty good!

The other huge advantage that Submit Your Article has over other submission engines that I’ve used is the possibility to set a distribution timeframe.  The opinion in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) circles is that if a huge amount of content all linking back to one site appears too quickly, then it could be that the site owner is trying to manipulate their rankings (which is entirely the point of SEO!).  By spreading the distribution over a longer timeframe, this is less likely to become an issue.

It’s not all roses though.  The one thing that really frustrates me is how Submit Your Article handles sub-titles.  I like to break up my articles with sub-titles as I believe it makes them easier to read, as well as easier to write.  However, unless you put a full-stop (period) at the end of them, they’ll be included in the subsequent paragraph when being presented for re-writing.  To deal with this you have two options:

  • Use full stops at the end of sub-titles (which looks messy, but works)
  • Keep a copy of your article to hand whilst editing the alternatives so that you can easily identify these titles.

I’ve tried both and they both seem to work so at least we have a solution – although I’d prefer it if this wasn’t an issue in the first place!

I’ve noticed a huge benefit since we started using Submit Your Article in a brand new niche.  After uploading just 6 articles, we were seeing our content appearing multiple times on each of the first 3 pages in Google.  This started bringing us organic traffic much quicker than I’ve ever seen it before and is something that I’ll be exploring further.

In my opinion, Submit Your Article is the best article submission service currently available and I would encourage you to have a look at what they can offer your business.  Go there now and take a look:

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