Social Media as a Tool for Small Businesses

These last few months will forever be remembered as the period when the internet, and in particular Facebook and Twitter, truly cemented itself as one of the wonders of the modern world. Social media’s most remarkable feats include the organisation and speeding up of political revolutions in both Egypt and Tunisia, whilst the strength of the internet can be portrayed by WikiLeaks, whose publications showed us that even the darkest of secrets can be uncovered for the world to see in the click of button.

Whilst these cases illustrate the power of social media and the internet on the grandest of stages, these tools are also proving to be extremely useful on the smaller stage, especially for small businesses. One small business that has taken full advantage of these tools is Giveacar; a UK based social enterprise which raises money for charities through the scrapping and auctioning of unwanted cars.

With the time and hassle involved in selling a car, it is no surprise that many people prefer to see their Ford Mondeo Mk1 spend its final days locked up in the safety of their garage rather than roaming down London’s A1 in one final hurrah. Giveacar however saw this posture as a business opportunity rather than a hindrance, and has since utilised the powers of the internet to make car scrapping possible in the click of a button.

By coordinating its activities with scrap metal yards and collection agents throughout the UK, Giveacar has facilitated an online service where the customer only has to input their contact and car details, as well as the name of their chosen charity, and in the click of a button their unwanted car will be collected, taken to a scrap yard, and the proceeds wired directly to the bank account of a very grateful charity.

By using the internet to completely alter the mechanics of disposing of unwanted cars, Giveacar has managed to raise hundreds of thousands of pounds for charities throughout the UK. Giveacar is just one illustration of how the internet has feed the hand that feeds those who need it most; there are of course plenty of other enterprises just like Giveacar who are using the internet in a positive way, but it would be safe to say that without this modern day wonder, our world will be filled with a lot more hurt and suffering.

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