The Whole Truth And Nothing But The Truth About JV Giveaways

The Whole Truth And Nothing But The Truth About JV Giveaways

“Are JV giveaways REALLY the dreaded “curse” that many of today’s established
marketers make them out to be?”

Interesting question I’m sure you’ll agree.

Well, before we go ahead and take a look at the whole truth and NOTHING but the
truth about JV giveaways, allow me to introduce myself and briefly tell you why
and what qualifies me to answer this question.

My name is Kerry Lisa Russell, a student of Alex Jeffrey’s “Forward To Marketing”
coaching program. I have been Internet marketing for about 12 months now and I
absolutely love it!

Ok, a few short weeks ago my good mentor Alex suggested that we go off and start
contributing in Joint Venture Giveaways with the main focus of building our list.

From what he told us this was the EXACT same method he used to take his list from
100 to around 5000 I think he said, in less than one year.

So there I was like a kid in a candy shop, all raring to go with excitement.

You see, prior to becoming a student of Alex’s I really had not seen any results
online, despite the fact that I had been mentored by a few other very successful
marketers already, and for the first time ever the strategies Alex was teaching
me really worked. So I totally believed that JV giveaways were going to EXPLODE
my list!

The fact that I only had 60 subscribers on my list at that point wasn’t an issue for
me because if Alex could go from 100 to 5000, then there’s no reason why I couldn’t
do the same right…


And this brings us back to the whole point of this post.

Are JV Giveaways really the dreaded curse so many established marketers say
they are?

“YES” and “NO”


Let me explain

As a free contributor, with no leverage and a tiny list, especially a list that has no
interest in JV giveaway events, you may as well do something more productive
with your time. From my experience and many of my Forward To Marketing fellow
students it’s a total flop.


Firstly, a lot of Jv Giveaways are totally newbie unfriendly. Nine times out of ten if
you don’t make a referral your account will get downgraded. Meaning you get removed
from the event as a contributor. So no one sees your gift. If no one sees your gift
you can’t grow your list – Period.

Secondly if you are lucky enough to make a referral you can only add one gift as a
free subscriber. So the chances of building a MASSIVE profitable list any time soon
are next to none.


Because there is a side to JV Giveaways that most of todays marketers don’t tell you.
I’m not sure why. I believe what I’m about to share with you is a secret list building
system the gurus DON’T want YOU to know about, or maybe they don’t actually
know themselves. I guess we will never know.

What am I talking about? Well

As advised by my good mentor I went off and started contributing in as many
giveaway events as I possibly could, and as you already know nothing was happening.

So I sat there at my desk for a good week or so scratching my head day in, day out.

What was I doing wrong?

Why were so many other successful marketers benefiting from these events and I was,
well failing?

Was it my graphics?

Or maybe it was my choice of gift.

Then I remembered a conversation I had with my good friend Paul Teague about
how he built a list of 4000 subscribers in just a few sweet months hosting his own
JV Giveaway events.

And then there’s David Walker who had a MASSIVE success and managed to build a
list of 3000 subscribers after his first ever event.

Wow…That’s what I call a result! Don’t you?

And that was it…A light bulb moment.

Since then I have never looked back. My list just EXPLODED!!!

In just under 48 hours of launching my own event I had added over 100 subscribers
to my list which is growing daily as I write this post for you, and I have made a profit
Yep, not only am I building my list SUPER FAST I am actually making money. Also
at the time of writing this report my list has now hit 405 subscribers in just under 12

I was so impressed from the results I went as far as setting up Best Ever JV Giveaways.

An event organizing service for like minded people who are SERIOUS about growing
their online business instantly.

How cool is that!!!

Now I’m not going to go in to too much detail about the whole process involved in
hosting your event because I have created a FREE report titled “The REAL Truth
Behind List Building” in which I go in to great detail about my success with the event
as well as breaking down the whole giveaway marketing strategy because just like
anything else there is a right and wrong way if you really want to get the most out of
hosting your own events.

What I will tell you is that hosting your own event can be complicated if you don’t
know what you are doing, so my report is a MUST read before you go off and jump
straight in head first. One wrong move and you could ruin your reputation FOREVER!

What happens now?

Well, now you know the whole truth and NOTHING but the truth about JV Giveaways
and you know  they WILL help you build your own online business fast.  Head on
over to my blog Affiliate Marketing With Kerry Lisa Russell and grab your copy of
my FREE report.

I’ve also created a Fan Page or a Like Page as they are now called “List Building At Best
Ever JV Giveaways
” full of the HOTTEST giveaway strategies, news, events, tips and
much much more.

Simply click the like button to join in the fun.

And that just about brings this post to an end.

Thank you to my good friend John Landells for allowing me to share this powerful
and exciting list building strategy with you, and thank you for listening.

Visit my Fan Page now and I look forward to connecting with you soon 🙂

Kerry Lisa Russell

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  • Adrienne

    26th April, 2011

    Great guest post Kerry and just right up your alley. You are going to be known as the “Giveaway Queen”… I’m so impressed with what you have done, you’ve just exploded. I will be learning from you young lady.

    Awesome information and congratulations on your first guest post. You did a fabulous job.

    Oh, and I’m going to go and grab your book now. See ya,