Over the years, I’ve found a whole bunch of Internet Marketing tools that work, as well as countless more that don’t.  To save you the time, effort and expense of figuring this out for yourself, here are the tools & resources that I recommend:

PayPal – If you’re going to be making a living from the Internet, you’re going to need a PayPal account.  Whether you want to sell your own products or simply receive affiliate commissions, you’ll need an accepted place to receive that money.  Many people knock PayPal, yet it still remains the most common option that I see for receiving money online.

Clickbank – One of the best ways to get started online is to sell other people’s products as an affiliate.  Clickbank is a marketplace where you can find a huge selection of these products that you can promote.  Once you have your own product, again, Clickbank gives you access back into this marketplace where you can have their vast army of affiliate promoting your product for you.

Namecheap – Buying domains is core to any Internet Marketing business.  I’ve tried a number of different companies over the years to supply domains for me and can honestly say that none has even come close to Namecheap in terms of ease of use, speed of setup and reliability.  Keep an eye on the Coupon category here on my blog to get regular updates of the current discount codes that Namecheap have made available.

HostGator – Along with a reliable domain name provider, you also need a great web host in order to run a successful Internet Marketing business.  I’ve found HostGator to be the most reliable on the market, as well as offering great features and realistic prices.  Get a $9.94 discount on your hosting package when you use the coupon code IMwithJohn, or a 25% discount by using IMwithJohn25.

Aweber – At some point in your Internet Marketing career, you’ll need to start building a mailing list.  I always recommend that people start with a trusted provider that attains amongst the highest deliverability rates in the industry – Aweber.  Sure, there are others out there – many of which are significantly more expensive than Aweber and I can assure you I’ve tried many of them!  However, Aweber is the platform that I always find myself coming back to as it does exactly what’s required of it.

Submit Your Article – As your experience of Internet Marketing increases, you’ll come to realise just how powerful articles can be in driving good quality traffic to your websites.  Submit Your Article is an excellent site which allows you to efficiently post your articles to the top article directories available in a way that the search engines positively love!

Socrates Theme – I used to pride myself on the fact that I built all of my websites by hand!  Then, when I came to my senses I started using WordPress to dramatically speed up the whole process of getting a new site up and running.  To start with, I simply used the default theme or spent some time finding something that was “close enough”, which I inevitable never got round to replacing!  I had the idea of creating a theme which could be customized to deliver whatever I wanted and was in the middle of designing it, when the Socrates Theme hit the market.  This not only does everything that I was designing into my own theme, it does a whole lot more on top!  Let me tell you, every new site that I build now uses the Socrates Theme by default.

Traffic Geyser – Video Marketing is becoming so common now that trying to making a living on the Internet without video is becoming harder and harder.  Once you really start to grasp the power of video in your business, you’ll need a way to efficiently upload your video to the myriad video sharing sites, as well as to embrace the power of social media to promote these newly uploaded videos.  Traffic Geyser enables you to produce a video once, then takes care of the distribution for you, potentially delivering hundreds of backlinks for you on autopilot.  It’s not the cheapest option on the market, though I believe it’s the best investment you can make in your business.

Replace Myself – There comes a time when you realise that the only way to really make BIG money on the Internet is to get help.  Like most successful businesses, you’ll never build anything major whilst you’re trying to do every little piece of it yourself.  Once you’ve accepted that you need other people in your business, you have the option of either hiring people (with the associated costs and hassles of being an employee) or outsourcing.  Outsourcing can be a minefield if not handled correctly, but if you have someone who can show you the way and guide you to the right people, it can literally transform your business.  As soon as you’re ready for this step (in fact, forget waiting – do it as soon as possible) take a look at Replace Myself.  I believe this is the best outsourcing program on the market and is where I go myself for outsourced workers.

SiteSell – If you’re looking for something more contained, then I would strongly encourage you to take a look at the fantastic SiteSell system.  This system is an all-encompassing Internet Business platform with all the training and tools that you need to be successful.  It’s currently available with a ‘No Risk’ guarantee and is one of the best first steps anyone can take who’s interested in making money online.

Commission Blueprint – If affiliate marketing appeals to you, one of the best systems that I’ve come across for really embracing this business model is the excellent Commission Blueprint system.  Since I bought it myself there’s been a significant upgrade to the new 2.0 system which is even better than the original.  Seriously, if you want down to earth, solid advice on making money as an affiliate, then CHECK THIS OUT.  At the very least, watch the video on their home page and see for yourself.

1ShoppingCart – Once you get to the point where you have products of your own to sell and want to easily integrate your own affiliate system, you’ll need a shopping cart of some description.  You’ll see numerous ‘white-label’ versions of 1ShoppingCart on the market, but I prefer to stick with the original, as this seems to be where all the updates are rolled out first.  I’ve recommended this to a number of people who’ve built solid businesses using it!

WordPress Classroom – If you’re a regular visitor to my blog, you’ll know already that I’m a huge fan of WordPress and I think everyone should use it to build their Internet Marketing websites.  However, if you really want to use it to the max, you’ll need some guidance.  WordPress Classroom is just what the doctor ordered! 🙂

Dropbox – I often find myself needing to collaborate with people and share files.  This can be a challenge if your files are large – as in when working with video.  Enter Dropbox.  This is a great tool that you install on your local computer and which sets up a synchronisation between your desktop and the Internet.  From here, you can install Dropbox on other PC’s and gain access to the same files – all without having to download anything manually.  It gets even better though when you’re working with someone else as you can setup shared folders, so whenever you update something, your colleague also receives the updated version!  Trust me – this is really cool technology that you need to check out!

I sincerely hope this page has been useful for you.  Please bookmark it and check back often as I’ll keep it current with products that I come across that I find useful and would recommend to others.  Better still, please subscribe to my VIP Mailing List using the box on the right and I’ll let you know whenever I update it.

Finally, if you have any recommendations of your own, please share them in the comments and I’ll check them out to see if they make the cut for inclusion in this resource guide.